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3 Things You Need To Know To Make Your Chick Fil A Sauce Recipe

If you have ever eaten at a Chick-fil-A restaurant, it is quite likely that you have wondered what goes into the Chick Fil a Sauce recipe. The sauce is delicious and quite difficult to resist. Folks love to enjoy it with their chicken sandwiches and waffle fries, and even like to take some home to enjoy with nuggets and fries.

The Chick fil a sauce recipe is a unique blend of barbecue sauce, honey mustard and ranch dressing. Like so many others, you too may want to make your own Chick-fil-A sauce. You will be glad to know that you probably have the three main ingredients used to make this recipe in your kitchen.

The Lucky Number 3

The fast food chain offers patrons several delectable sauces, but the Chick fil a sauce has been judged the best in many a poll and contest. While the honey mustard sauce recipe was introduced by Hugh Fleming, an operator of a Chick-fil-A restaurant, the Chick Fil a Sauce was the result of a happy accident. An employee accidentally mixed barbecue sauce into honey mustard, and the Chick-fil-A sauce was created. And the rest, as they say, is delicious condiment history

Proportions Matter

Imitation, they say, is the best form of flattery. To make your copycat Chick-fil-A sauce you will need mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, mustard and honey. Just use regular mayonnaise, BBQ sauce and mustard. Avoid honey BBQ sauce as it may make the sauce too sweet. Similarly, avoid spiced or garlic mayo as it will change the flavor of your special blend of Chick fil A sauce.

For half a cup of mayonnaise, you will require one fourth cup of BBQ sauce and the same quantity of honey. Add two tablespoons of mustard and a tablespoon full of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients well. It is best to use a whisk for the job as this will keep the sauce light and creamy. A spoon may not mix the ingredients just as effectively. Refrigerate the sauce for an hour. This detail is crucial, as the refrigeration time will allow the flavors to mingle and settle, and create that delicious and unforgettable taste.

Taste your sauce to adjust the flavors to your preference. Enjoy your special homemade Chick-Fil-a inspired sauce with waffle fries, nuggets and chicken tenders. You may also wish to add the sauce to your sandwich or salad. The brand is now selling its sauces in stores and also online.

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