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5 Secrets To Finding Inexpensive Transcription Services

Regardless of your professional background, you will at some point need to transcribe your audio files, which simply implies that you will require transcription services. While the demand for transcription services has been shooting up each year making these services costly, you can still get inexpensive services to help you with transcribing your audio files. Without further ado, here are 5 secrets to finding inexpensive transcription services.

Choose a slow turnaround

Transcription services charge more for transcription projects that require fast turnaround. You can avoid paying high transcription fees by opting for slow turnaround times, especially if you have lots of transcription projects. The advantage of choosing a slow turnaround is that you get to pay less without compromising on the quality of your projects.

Do price comparison

Transcription fees aren’t standardized considering that there are tons of things that affect the cost of transcription services. Therefore, transcription services providers don’t charge the same price for their services. Some charge lesser than others, while others price their services quite high depending on their transcription capabilities, the transcribers that they use, quality of their services and other factors. Compare prices of transcription services among different providers. Select a service that is tailored to your budget, while ensuring the service you opt for doesn’t compromise on quality.

Choose an automated service

While most transcription services have their own in –house teams of transcribers who have experience listening and transcribing audio files, some services use automated programs to do their transcription. Automated transcription services are cheaper and have incredibly fast turnaround times. They can help you pay less for your transcription needs, especially if you aren’t concerned about the accuracy of the transcribed files. You can save lots of money if you are using automated services to work on huge transcription projects.

Check for hidden fees

Before choosing a transcription service, check their site carefully to ensure there are no additional charges on top of the quoted transcription fee. Even for a cheaper service, the final price can be inflated by hidden costs forcing you to pay more for your transcription services.

Get recommendations

If there is anyone whom you know has sought transcription services before, ask them if they can recommend a cheaper transcription service for you. Recommendations can easily direct you to a cheaper service that is equal to the task.

Getting inexpensive transcription services doesn’t require a lot of hard work on your part. Just weigh your options and evaluate whether the transcription service you want to pick can meet your transcription needs.

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