Be The Change Project Ideas For Youth And Young Adults

IF you are a teen or young adult or know one who is looking to make a difference, there are plenty of opportunities. You just need to know where to look for them. There are projects you can join and projects you can start on your own, whether you choose to get others involved or work by yourself. Below is a list of Be the Change Project Ideas to help you get started.

Lawn care for the elderly

If you don’t have access to a mower and trimmer, you can offer to rake leaves and clean up the yards of elderly residents in the community. You can get a group of friends together and choose a day or two in the Fall to go around the neighborhood volunteering your services. It helps to carry credentials or identification with you and for all members of the group to wear similar shirts, so residents feel more comfortable about letting strangers take care of their lawns.

If you’re able to drive and have your own transportation, offering to run errands for elderly neighbors is another good idea. Make sure you get and keep all receipts if you have to pay for the items you pick up for others, so they don’t feel like they may be taken advantage of.

Volunteer at a local veterinary office or animal shelter. Most shelters rely on volunteers to help feed and walk dogs or bathe animals. If you love animals, this can be a good way to spend your time volunteering and you will have fun caring for all the animals who need homes.

Volunteer to help build a habitat for humanity home. This is a great way to give to your community and to learn some skills at the same time. It’s a great program to help those who need housing and relies on volunteer work for every house built.

Start a fundraiser for a specific cause you care about. You can use the funds to help with a community project or start a project of your own. You can raise funds to repair playground equipment for kids to use at a city park. You can help raise funds to provide entertainment for kids with cancer. There are endless ideas about what you can raise money for.

Be the Change Project Ideas are endless. You simply need to find a need or issue you are passionate about and identify a need you or you and your friends can meet.

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