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Understanding the role of sales professionals

Without a sales force, companies have no revenue stream. Money is only made for the business, through sales. All the other important functions – accounting, admin, manufacturing and so on, will come to a grinding halt if the sales force stops selling. What that means of course is that companies always need salespeople, and your skills are valuable around the world.

In down times, companies need salespeople to keep them afloat and find previously untapped revenue streams. In up times, they need sales people to capitalise on the opportunities all around. If you are an effective and professional salesperson, there is no end to the career opportunities open to you. Get great at Phone System Greetings and you’ll always have work.

Give yourself an increase whenever you want one How much control do employees typically have over their earnings? They agree on a number when they are hired and can pretty much rely on an inflation-linked increase from that point onwards, only really moving up the earnings food chain if they get promoted.

They get security of knowing precisely what they will eam and that is critically important for many people. The downside however is that they really cannot exert any influence to increase their earnings.

In sales, however, the opposite is true. Since you earn based on what you sell, the better you get at selling ~ the more organised, serious and dedicated you get that is – the higher your sales and consequently, the higher your commission will be.

In effect then, you are in a position to set yourself eamings targets and go after them, directly influencing the size of your next pay cheque, quarterly bonus and so on. That is a luxury nobody else has.

Get the big incentives Incentives come in for flak from time to time, by people who believe that salespeople are already spoiled enough with their company cars, their cellphone allowances or whatever other perks you get that normal employees do not. Phone System Greetings can make a good impression.

What those people often fail to realise however, is that all those so-called perks are nothing better than necessary tools are able to do your job, and that all employees parks ‘ All their own: free coffee, nice furniture, the software, air-conditioned offices and so on.

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