Device Free Activities For Students

While digital devices can be excellent tools to deliver excellent educational content, they can also distract children from their schoolwork. Limiting the time kids spend with their media can prevent aggressive behavior and the development of substance abuse problems. Instead, engage them in activities that foster creativity and relationship skills. Try these simple, inexpensive activities with your child to teach them what it means to work with others and respect their differences. Here are some ideas for device free activities for students:

Camp out

Whether you are looking for a fun way to connect with nature or you are a teacher trying to find an activity to break the device habit, there are many different ways to encourage kids to disconnect from technology. A pretend camping experience can give kids an opportunity to explore the beauty of nature and inspire hours of imaginative play.

Build a pillow fort

Besides keeping kids engaged in a device free activities for students, building a pillow fort can be an excellent option for a slumber party. You will need a couple of sheets, pillows, and supportive furniture to construct the pillow fort. Apartment Guide has several ideas and tips for building a pillow fort. The following are a few ideas. You can even use your pillows to create adorable masks.

Create your own welcome sign. You can cut out a welcome sign or other decorative pieces that your child can use to welcome friends. A pillow fort can be a perfect crafting station. You can even print free printable masks or wall hangings to decorate your child’s room. In addition, your child can use the pillow fort as a space to begin journaling. By offering a quiet space to write down ideas, dreams, and feelings, your child will find a quiet place to express their ideas.

Build a lego sculpture

A fun activity to do with LEGOs is building a sculpture. There are several different ways to build a sculpture from Legos, including making a portrait or heart out of them. You can even create a Rube Goldberg machine, which challenges students to use their creative thinking to solve problems. You can extend this activity by making a model or blueprint of the sculpture. Another great idea is to combine it with an environmental issue that students want to learn more about.

Make a DIY bath bomb

Making a DIY bath bomb can be a fun activity for students that incorporates several science concepts. This activity is not difficult to complete – the hardest part is getting it out of the mold! For more advanced students, you can download free scientific method worksheets from the internet. Besides the actual bath bomb itself, you can also add a little toy to it. The possibilities are endless!

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