Facts You Need To Know About DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training Online

DOT Reasonable Suspicion training is important in almost every workplace. The purpose of the training is to equip supervisors with important skills needed to not only identify but also handle workers that show drug abuse signs. Do you know how it is done or the regulations that should be adhered to when doing the training? Well, to keep you up to date, here are 5 facts you need to know about DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training Online.

Must Be Dot and FMCSA compliant

Regulation 49 CFR, part 382 contains the FMCSA regulations regarding DOT, alcohol, and drug testing rules. It’s upon you to ensure that the DOT suspicion training you plan to take complies with all the necessary requirements. Failing to do this might mean that the training doesn’t help you in the long run.

The Training Needs to Cover All the Reasonable Suspicion Process

For a supervisor to be able to effectively identify an employee working under influence, they must be trained properly on all the processes of reasonable suspicion. A good course will cover several suspicion processes which include observation, documentation, confirmation, confrontation, and testing. To achieve the best training results, it’s important that these processes are adhered to.

Enable learners to retain Most of Information Taught

Beware of the programs that are only offered videos or those that learners only read through. This is not enough to measure if a learner will retain the information they acquired. The recommended programs are those that involve interactive scenarios, questions, and games as they are likely to enable learners to retain information better.

It Must Meet DOT Requirement of 2 Hours

The requirement for DOT is that you should receive 60 minutes’ training on controlled substances and a similar amount of time on alcohol training. Stay away from programs that want to make money fast by offering less training time. This way, you won’t cover the training properly.

You Must Have a Certificate after the Training

Your training should conclude with a certificate that shows you completed the course. Otherwise, you will never be able to prove that you received DOT suspicion training. Stay away from any training that doesn’t offer a certificate at the tail end of it.

Employees who work under alcohol or substance influence not only affect productivity at the workplace but also increase the risk of accidents and injuries. By making your supervisors undergo DOT supervisor training, they will be able to be identified and weeded out. But ensure that you pick the right program. Use the above-highlighted facts to choose the best DOT Suspicion training program.

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