Fast Turn PCB Is Essential To Meet Market Demand

Manufacturers of electronic components need to make sure that their product turnover is fast. It’s possible when they rely on short turn PCB. Therefore, they always opt for a supplier that can guarantee PCB manufacturing or assembly faster than others. PCB companies understand the timeline concept circulates in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, they are ready to manufacture PCBs in a given time frame. The process of Fast turn PCB comprises quick fabrication, assembly, inspection, and quality control.

PCB Fabrication

Manufacturers depend on the supplier of PCB when it comes to supplying the product on time. They place orders of PCB prototypes and test the quality of their design alongside functioning. PCB companies can deal with PCB fabrication in less than 24 hours, making it possible for manufacturers to supply electronic products on time. Suppliers of PCB get designs from companies and then begin fabrication. Manufacturers outsource standard and prototype PCB so that they can complete product orders on a timely basis. Thereby, they can handle market demand.

PCB Assembly

If a manufacturer of electronic products relies on in-house PCB assembly through a manual soldering method, it’s a time consuming and labor-intensive procedure. So, a better idea to deal with PCB prototyping is to outsource. A supplier has in-house automated assembly technology; thereby, he can assure the circuit boards’ supply within a one-day turnaround. In the case of a complex structure, he might require more than 24 hours.

However, this option is far better than relying on a traditional assembly method that would delay production timing. It would become difficult for a manufacturer to offer a supply that can meet market demand.

PCB companies make the most of a variety of assembly techniques for quick turnaround time. The most popular are through-hole assembly, surface mount assembly, and a mix of both methods.

PCB Inspection

The reason for outsourcing PCB is to ensure that a manufacturer of electronic components always gets a top-quality material. A supplier will do auto optical and manual inspection. Although manual review takes time, inspecting officers know how to check every connection on board and perform tests quickly to make sure that customers get only a fully-functional circuit board.

Every supplier has a quality control department where circuit boards are checked thoroughly. Some suppliers entirely rely on automated inspection only to deliver fast-turn PCB prototypes. The most important thing to check on a board is its components’ interconnection. Some customers demand additional quality tests, so they obtain those PCB that meet international quality standards. In that scenario, PCB companies charge more while delivering standard PCB supply within a given timeline.

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