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Horizontal Slats In Corlette

Until a few years ago, industrial concrete floors played a marginal role in building design as they were unjustly considered to be simple jets of smoothed and dusted concrete with quartz.

Today, on the other hand, every quality-conscious customer considers the concrete floor and Horizontal Slats in Corlette as the primary support on which all the productive activities of a company take place, and it is therefore clear how important it is that the realization of this floor stems from a correct and accurate design, personalized based on the specific intended use of the same.

For your concrete floor, a single specialist able to design, build, guarantee and assist in post-sales. Thanks to the expertise of our technicians, who have many years of experience in the field of concrete floors, we design and manufacture industrial flooring with the right quality to price ratio, working side by side with the end user and the building designer. A turnkey service, of guaranteed and certified quality.

We have always believed in a complete corporate structure, based on highly qualitative production, which does not require subcontracting or outsourcing. In a building context that has adopted subcontracting as a rule, the common idea of the founders has always been the opposite: to present itself on the market with a complete corporate structure, direct and qualified employees, owned machinery and every tool necessary to achieve quality concrete floors and assist our customers from the initial design stages to delivery and up to future maintenance.

Some companies specialize in the production of concrete industrial floors, which can boast within its own structure a mobile laboratory able to support the quality of the construction process of a high performance floor with instrumental tests.

Verification of the bearing capacity of the foundation ballast with static plate and Horizontal Slats in Corlette. Check of the homogeneity of preparation of the ballast with dynamic plate method. Layout design of construction and contraction joints. Pre-qualification of concrete and mix-design evaluation. Qualification of the concrete with test mixes at the selected batching plant.

Checking the quality of on-site concrete during the casting phases. Sampling samples for compression and shrinkage tests at 1, 7 and 28 days. Computerized monitoring of weather conditions during jets. Destructive and non-destructive tests on matured surfaces (compression, pull-off, residual humidity, etc.). Industrial floors guaranteed up to 10 years.

Offering a complete service that starts from the verification of the ballast, from the design, to the tests on the materials and up to the turnkey delivery, our industrial concrete floors can be guaranteed up to 10 years thanks to a special agreement with a leading insurance company.

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