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How To Pick The Best Colour Contacts For Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes and want to add a bit of whimsy to your appearance, you’ll probably want to wear some colored contact lenses. Green is one of the best shades for brown eyes because it blends in with your natural eye color, while Hazel is a more exotic option that adds a pop of colour to your eyes. In this article, you’ll learn how to pick the best colour contacts for brown eyes so that they can enhance your natural color and give you an exotic look.

Green is the Best Shade of best colour contacts for brown eyes, a green-colored contact lens can dramatically alter the appearance of brown eyes. This shade of contact lens must have enough vibrancy to be effective. Because green is a natural color, there is very little transparency. Therefore, green contacts on the eyes can look almost undetectable. However, you must purchase a pair that fits your eye color. This article will cover some tips on choosing the right shade of green contact lenses for your eyes.

If you have dark brownish eyes, you should choose a shade of green that’s opaque. Green lenses are a popular choice for this type of eye color because of their natural ability to blend in with eyes with a brown shade. Opaque lenses are also a good choice for people with a dark shade of brown in their eyes because they make the eyes appear lighter than they really are.

Violet Contacts Blend into Your Natural Eye Color

Dark brown eyes are the most natural eye color for most people, and violet contacts blend nicely with the reddish tones in the natural shade. This is because the purple color is a combination of red and blue, and it is this mixture that helps the violet contacts blend in seamlessly with the color of dark eyes. Therefore, a good rule of thumb when choosing a purple contact is to select one that contains more red than blue.

Hazel Contacts Give Your Eyes an Exotic Look

If you want to add extra pizazz to your appearance, you should consider wearing hazel-colored contact lenses. Hazel is a very attractive color for your eyes, and these lenses can enhance your natural beauty. Pure hazel contacts are some of the most popular cosmetic lenses available today. This color is associated with mystery and exoticism. It is the perfect eye color for a date, beach day, or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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