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Ingenious Decorating Tips For A Western-Style Apartment

Contrary to common belief, a western-style home can be stylish, warm, and inviting if well decorated. A rustic western décor, in particular, makes for great interiors. The 2014 rustic trend still holds strong five years later, perhaps even stronger. It is a flexible design idea that will let your creativity running wild. You can choose from a modern western lodge interior or a deeply rustic cowboy cabin. The idea is to include the Old West charm in your apartment.

Here, we have detailed a few decorating tips for western-style apartments in Kobe. If you can’t help but bring in the romance of the Old West in your interiors, this read will certainly help you.

Focus on rock, wood, metal, and leather

A western-style home typically revolves around the use of rock, wood, metal, and leather materials. A perfect combination of different décor elements and furnishings made from these materials will transform your apartment into a western home. The mantle and the fireplace are prerequisites for a true western style interior. Don’t be afraid to decorate with rustic vintage photos, artwork on oil, western artifacts, and paintings. You can easily get vintage photos, paintings and western artifacts from online plartforms such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy. The good news is that most of them are very affordable, especially if you do your search well.

Mix up the textures but use natural colors

Another tip for decorating western-style apartments is keeping it natural when it comes to color. With all the abundance of wooden, leather, rock, and metal, you don’t want to create a hot mess in your space by going bold with your colors. However, use different textures that blend harmoniously. Throw in a few cushions, wood grains, tatami furniture, cinder blocks, and potted plants — all with a natural color scheme.

Go simple on window treatments

Essentially, western-style apartments in Kobe come complete with giant windows. These offer a great view to the outside world alongside opening up a room. Consider passing on window treatments if the view is breathtaking. If this sounds a little strange to you, go ahead and utilize curtains or drapery. Just be sure to make it simple. Use thick material and make them as long as possible. Additionally, incorporate a few western-style décor details such as leather beading and trim.

Decorating western style apartments Kobe is not an easy undertaking for most people. The reason is that you might end up with a less-than-beautiful home. However, if you know what to put in your space, you can easily take things to the top.

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