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Things To Know Before Applying For The Vietnam Teaching Jobs

There are many places in Vietnam where you can find teaching jobs. You will come across English speaking teaching job openings in colleges, international schools, language training centers, and other educational institutes.

Strong Demand for Teachers in Vietnam

Teacher jobs are available to the candidates who have the required certifications, experience and permit. Vietnam teaching jobs offer an excellent opportunity to work and live in this beautiful country. There are lots of opportunities for the teachers to work in this Southeast Asian country. With its growing economy, more and more parents want their children to become proficient in English language. It has created a strong demand for the English teachers. There are several opportunities for the overseas English teachers because local candidates with the required certifications, skills and experience are not available in sufficient numbers.

What Does This Job Involve?

There are many teaching positions in Vietnam that are open to international English teachers. Most of these positions are available near the major cities so you will never face residence, food and transport problems. You will come across a supportive and friendly environment. The teaching jobs involve instructional activities including student counseling, curriculum development, English instruction and staff development. The age of young students can range from 7-15 years. The age of adult students ranges from 16-50 years.

Expected Remuneration and Benefits

There are several benefits of teaching in Vietnam. You will receive attractive employment packages. You can make up to $1800 per month or about $20,000 per year. The hourly pay can range from $15-19. The payments are in USD. The educational institutions employing teachers are ready to sponsor their single entry visa. You will receive assistance with work permit and renewals. There are various teacher training institutes that offer ongoing professional development classes and English teaching workshops. You may be asked to teach up to 25 hours a week. You will be paid extra for any overtime. The additional benefits can include an apartment, sick leaves and vacations leaves. The supportive work environment and assistance in getting the work permit make the whole process easier.

Native English speakers with TEFL or TESOL qualification are given preference. You must have completed at least 120 hours of certification course. Preference is given to the candidates with English teaching experience. Your task is to improve the learning experience of the students of your classes. You may be tasked with additional responsibilities depending on the roles given to you. The job may involve managing the classroom activities to promote English communication among the students. You will be working as an advisor, monitoring performance of the students, and providing feedback on their progress. Check the vacancies for English speaking Vietnam teaching jobs. The Vietnamese educational centers regularly post job ads for the TEFL certified teachers

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