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Top Tips For Getting LinkedIn Leads

In the modern world, online connections are a big part of doing business, so a good advertising strategy must involve social network promotion. Over ninety percent of B2B advertisers agree that LinkedIn is the best platform for generating business leads. While getting LinkedIn leads is a game of numbers, you still need to ensure that you get the right type of leads. There is little use in making thousands of connections, if they do not take you any further to achieving your business goals. This is why a sound approach to lead generation is so important. Here’s how to go about it:

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Look Professional

If you are yet to do this, take the time to refine your LinkedIn profile, so it clearly outlines your positive traits and what you do. Make sure your summary and headline read well. They should pique people’s interest. Unless you manually change it, your headline will display as the most recent job you have had. In addition, you can find out what your LinkedIn Social Selling Index rating is. This tool will offer suggestions on how to improve your profile.

Add Some Network Connections

You can widen your network simply by spending a few minutes everyday, from Monday to Friday, clicking on the ‘Connect’ icon on the list of ‘People you Might Know’, that LinkedIn includes in your feed. This will show others that you want to widen your network too, which is equally as important. Don’t forget: Anyone you speak to about business matters during the working week is a possible connection on LinkedIn.

Register With Groups on LinkedIn and Interact Regularly

Groups on LinkedIn consist of people with shared interests, skills and requirements. They can be highly educational and give you the chance to keep abreast of the latest news in the sectors you are involved with. In addition, they are an excellent method to gain information on what a prospect is doing with their company — they might be hiring, for example, or be planning certain projects you are interested in. These groups are good for promoting yourself online, without coming across as pushy or obtrusive. The key is to give members of the group information they need, initiate conversations, then use content advertising to demonstrate your expertise in your field.

Connect With Previous Clients

You can monitor what your past clients have done, since you previously dealt with them, without feeling self conscious. When getting in touch with a past client, rather than talking about yourself, compliment them about something they have achieved. Inquire about their current projects and consider how you could assist them.

Grow Your List of Leads

On a daily basis, spend a few minutes going through your contacts’ connections, to identify people you do not know, but could benefit from meeting. Note down the people you want to approach. Begin initially with ‘Recommendations’, because these are closely associated with the user profile you are reading. To speed up this process, request the recommendations via phone or email.

Final Thoughts

In contrast to other social networks, LinkedIn is specifically intended for developing business contacts. This is great for anyone who wants a reliable source of leads. When used properly, this network will allow you to connect with many potential clients, who will ultimately end up purchasing your goods or services. Take heed of the above advice on getting LinkedIn leads, and it won’t be long before you begin enjoying some real advantages of using this platform. Better still, you can reap these benefits, without having to spend much time every day promoting yourself.

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