Types Of Automotive Scissor Lift

Cars weigh thousands of kilograms. This is far too heavy for people to carry safely even if several were to join forces. We usually rely on other machines to do this job for us. When lifting a car to change wheels, we use a jack. To lift the whole vehicle several meters high, we need an automotive scissor lift. This is a platform that folds flat on the ground so that a car can be drive on top of it. Once it activates, the platform will be lifted up along with the car using pneumatic or hydraulic systems. There are two primary applications for this:

Vehicle Repairs

The underside of a car contains vital components including the shock absorbers, the brakes, the transmission system, the wheels, and so much more. Maintenance and repairs often require a thorough inspection of these parts. This is hard to do when the car is so close to the ground. Mechanics can slide in and use a flashlight but not is not optimal. It will take longer than it should. Problems are easy to overlook in the dark. It would be so much better if the whole vehicle can be lifted to allow quick checks and ready access.

A scissor lift is able to carry the car to nearly 1 meter higher than the ground. Since the platform is split into two with small footprints, there is ample room for the mechanics to check the underside. These are usually rated as having around 3,000-kilogram capacity. Check your car’s weight to make sure that the lift can handle it. This kind is ubiquitous in repair shops as it truly helps make operations run more efficiently.

Moving Between Floors

There are also lifts that help move cars from one floor to another. This type has a wider and longer platform for the vehicle to go on. Once it is on top at the center, the lift can go up or down as the case may be. This is the system implemented in residential multi-layer garages and commercial automated car parks. The maximum height achieved is far greater than the first type although the load capacities are nearly identical. This one needs to be stronger and more steady. It needs a foundation pit to house the mechanism and ensure stability. This is unsuitable for repairs as the underside is inaccessible.

Get the correct type of automotive scissor lift for your needs.

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