Who Are Leadership Speakers?

Most leadership speakers are authors, consultants, organizational trainers, seminar leaders, government officials, corporate executives, or ex-athletes. They usually have some experience in the area they are speaking on and have great expertise in what they do. Many of them have written books. A number of them have become television personalities as well. Some of these names may not be familiar to you, but you have probably attended one of their guest speeches in a business setting or listened to them in a training session run by your company in the past—and benefited from it greatly.

Here are the top five greatest leadership speakers today:

1) Zig Ziglar — Considered as the best leadership speaker ever, Ziglar authored many books that have been big-sellers. He is a legend in motivational speaking, and his client list has included the United States Armed Forces as well as Walt Disney World.

2) Jim Rohn — An entrepreneur, he revolutionized the way people do business by helping them bridge the gap between wanting something and knowing how to get it. His company was responsible for training countless entrepreneurs throughout his career. Among those who have personally benefited from learning from him include Steve Wynn, Tony Robbins, Guy Kawasaki, and Mark Victor Hansen.

3) Tom Hopkins — A pioneer in personal selling, he began writing about selling skills back when people were still using telegrams and smoke signals. He wrote a book called “How to Master the Art of Selling,” which is still available in print today. His efforts revolutionized how people sell.

4) Alex Mandossian — As an online marketer, his company has done wonders when it comes to helping businesses get online and be more visible on mainstream search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. One of the books he co-authored with Jay Abraham was called “Triggers: 30 Sales Tools You Can Use To Control The Mind Of Your Prospect To Motivate, Influence And Persuade.” It became a bestseller within months of its release.

5) Jim Cathcart — Best known for training salespeople, he is the author of numerous books such as “The Acorn Principle” and “Relationship Selling.” He has been a speaker for over forty years in more than twenty countries all across the globe.

Do They Really Help?

You bet they do! Who wouldn’t want to listen to speakers who have achieved so much success in their fields of expertise? Their stories and anecdotes will help you get motivated and encouraged. And don’t forget: you can apply what you learn from them and become successful too!

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