Why Opt For An Ozone Free Air Scrubber?

Many are realizing just how important Indoor air quality is for home comfort. They are taking steps in improving this by replacing their HVAC air filters regularly and getting their own ozone-free air scrubber. However, some of these air scrubbers can have negative side effects such as the production of ozone gas. While ozone is beneficial in the stratosphere, it is quite destructive down here at ground level. Ozone pollution can compromise the health of people, particularly with repeated exposure. According to the EPA, ozone can cause the following health problems:

Ozone Makes It More Difficult to Breathe

Repeated exposure to ozone pollution affects the respiratory system. It makes it difficult to breathe, especially when trying to inhale deeply or need to breathe vigorously. This can potentially reduce sports performance. More importantly, it can lead to pain and discomfort.

Ozone Can Cause Coughing and Sore Throat

Another side effect is frequent coughing accompanied by a sore or itchy throat. Ozone has the tendency to cause inflammation and damage to the airways. Even healthy people can display these symptoms which is bad news for those who are conscious about their wellbeing.

Ozone Can Make Lung Diseases Worse

However, the negative side effects are more severe among people who are already suffering from various lung diseases. Individuals with asthma tend to suffer from more frequent attacks. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema can be aggravated as well. These can lead to higher medical costs, increased work absences, missed school days, and even hospital admissions. Genes can may some people react worse to ozone than others. The lack of vitamins C and E can also increase the risk of ozone side effects.

Given all of this information, it is prudent to steer clear from ozone-producing air scrubbers such as those that use UV-C light, ionizers, ozonators, PCO, and electrostatic precipitation. Instead, it’s better to use HEPA filters, carbon filters, and photoelectrochemical oxidation. Check out the available models on the market to see which ones would be suitable for your home.

If you have one of the ozone-producing devices and you can’t purchase a new unit yet, then consider moving out of the room while the scrubber is cleaning the air. Just go back after and leave a window open to disperse the ozone. Note that even scrubbers that produce ozone do so at different levels so check the manufacturer’s figures. You can save up for a better model as quickly as you can and switch to an ozone-free air scrubber once possible.

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